Opportunity Youth

Louisiana's youth are the future of our state. But nearly 1 in 6 young people between the ages of 16 to 24 in Louisiana are disconnected from both school and work, a population known as Opportunity Youth. Black males are more likely to be disconnected than their white counterparts. Disconnected young women are three times more likely to be mothers. And 1 in 6 disconnected youth in Louisiana live with a disability of some kind.

Louisiana's Opportunity Youth deserve more from our state. Fragmented approaches to youth policymaking have often failed to address all of Louisiana's youth needs. Too many young Louisianans still fall through gaps in the social safety net. Louisiana's young people need policymakers to step up by creating programs and policies that offer pathways to success and economic prosperity for all Louisiana youth.

Opportunity Youth Coalition

The Louisiana Opportunity Youth Skills Coalition is a network of direct service providers and advocacy organizations working to ensure that the state's policies and institutions support the needs of Louisiana's disconnected youth. The coalition focuses on creating a stronger connective fabric to support all young people as they transition from school to the workforce. We connect grassroots community organizations and policymakers to help them design responsive policies that meet the needs of Louisiana's youth.

To learn more about the Opportunity Youth Skills Coalition's work and policy priorities, reach out to Danielle Barringer-Payton at danielle@investlouisiana.org.

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