BATON ROUGE – Louisiana Budget Project Director Jan Moller released the following statement in reaction to the U.S. Senate’s passage of the Republican tax bill:

 “This bill, like the House bill that already passed, is a costly giveaway to the most powerful people and corporations at the expense of working families. While those at the top get a tax break, millions of low-income and middle-class Americans would face a tax increase.

“This irresponsible tax bill will explode the budget deficit and create new uncertainty for our state budget. Worse, it sets the stage for damaging cuts to future investments in health care, nutrition and education that are critical to growing Louisiana’s economy.

“The Senate bill goes further than the House version by increasing the number of uninsured by 13 million – all to pay for even more corporate tax cuts.   

“Unfortunately, this bill is too flawed to be fixed in a conference committee. Instead of giving tax cuts to those least in need, Louisiana’s congressional delegation should pursue tax policies that invest in working families while closing costly loopholes.”