Payday Lenders: Trapping Louisiana’s Working Families in a Cycle of Debt

A new report by the Louisiana Budget Project exposes the predatory lending industry.

Payday lenders promise predominantly poor and working-class clients quick cash with minimum documentation requirements. However, this “easy money” comes at a high financial cost to the borrowers and can lead to a downward financial spiral ending in personal bankruptcy.

Louisiana’s predatory payday lenders provide credit to desperate borrowers at annual interest rates that can exceed 600 percent. With the second highest poverty rate in the country, Louisiana provides an attractive market for payday lenders to exploit.

According to the report, Louisiana has one of the highest concentrations of payday lenders in the country, with one outlet for every 4,800 people—more than four times as many payday lenders as McDonald’s restaurants.

The Louisiana Budget Project urges lawmakers to put an end to blatant usury by requiring improved tracking and reporting and by strengthening regulation of the payday lending industry.

View the full report and press release.


Payday lending maps by city:

How much does payday lending cost Alexandria, LA
How much does payday lending cost Baton Rouge, LA
How much does payday lending cost Lafayette, LA
How much does payday lending cost Lake Charles, LA
How much does payday lending cost Monroe, LA
How much does payday lending cost New Orleans and Metairie, LA
How much does payday lending cost Shreveport, LA

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