A new federal benefit called “Pandemic Electronic Benefits Transfer” (P-EBT) offers $285 in grocery assistance per child for kids who get free and reduced-price meals during the school year.

But, with the final application deadline less than a week away, about 298,000 eligible students are not connected with the benefit, about 40% of the total who could receive it. This means that approximately $85,000,000 in federal food assistance for children is poised to go undistributed, while an estimated more than 1 in 3 Louisiana children face food insecurity—the worst rate in the nation, during Covid-19.


You can apply online here: pebt.doe.louisiana.gov/PublicApps/SNP/

The deadline to claim this benefit has been extended to June 15th—next Monday. Here’s what you need to know about the benefit:


What is P-EBT?
The Pandemic Unemployment Benefits Transfer (P-EBT) Program is additional money to buy food during Covid-19

  • Eligible families in Louisiana will get $285 per child.
  • Using P-EBT does NOT impact your or your child’s immigration status. The “public charge” rule does NOT apply to P-EBT benefits.
  • You can use P-EBT AND grab and go student meals
  • P-EBT is NOT SNAP. If you get SNAP you can also use P-EBT.


Am I eligible?
You can get P-EBT funds if your child(ren):

  • Receive free or reduced-price meals under the National School Lunch Program, OR
  • Attend a school where every student gets free meals


APPLY ONLINE: pebt.doe.louisiana.gov/PublicApps/SNP/


Frequently Asked Questions

I think my child is eligible, but the application says they aren’t. What should I do?
Contact your child’s school or district to find out what information they have on file for your child, then try again, using that information. The information you enter in the online form must exactly match the information the school has on file, including spelling, to verify that your child is eligible

When I tried to submit my application, I got an error message. What should I do?
That usually means that the phone or web browser you’re using to apply isn’t compatible with the state’s computer system. If you’re applying on a phone and have access to a computer, try applying on the computer. If you’re applying on the computer, Try using a different web browser.

How will I get my P-EBT Funds?
You will receive a P-EBT card in the mail, along with instructions for how to use the card.

Why should I use P-EBT benefits?
P-EBT helps families buy food during Covid-19. The program also helps support Louisiana’s economy, including grocery stores, corner stores and their employees during this challenging time.

I’ve used all the money on my card. Should I throw it out?
No! Save your card. Funds may be added at a later date.

 What if I do not use all of the money?
The money on your P-EBT card will carry over from month to month. Unused funds will be removed from the P-EBT card after one year.


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