Creating an Inclusive Economy Starts with Investing in Louisianans

Our state must make budget and policy decisions that help communities thrive and put the needs of Louisianans first. By prioritizing our communities, workers, children and families, Louisiana can create a stronger and more inclusive economy that betters the lives of all its people.

Investing in the people of Louisiana will make our state stronger, fairer and more competitive. But no investment is possible without funding. If we want to build a stronger Louisiana for generations to come, we must create an equitable, sustainable tax system that provides the revenue we need to invest in our workers, our children, our families and our communities.

The road to shared prosperity starts here

Invest in
Inclusive Policy

We focus on policies that invest in the people of our state and enable all Louisianans to thrive.

We're Investing In

Protect the well-being of Louisiana’s communities and eliminate the barriers that keep too many of us from opportunity.

We're Investing In

Allow Louisiana’s workers to get their fair share of the state’s prosperity.

We're Investing In
Children & Families

Ensure that all Louisiana children have access to the education and services they need for a bright future.

We're Investing In
A Fair Economy

Eliminate the systemic racial and gender barriers that have created inequity in our communities to allow Louisianans to prosper.

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They include details about safety-net programs like Medicaid, tax credits for low-income workers and educational scholarships and help promote a better understanding of how safety-net programs affect different communities across our state.
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